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I originally had a sappy, yet inspiring brick up here about happiness and giggles. That was bull. This blog is really just a pile of random shit that makes up the awesomeness of what goes on in my brain on a daily basis.

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People keep calling the East Blue “the weakest sea”, but…

From there we have:


The Pirate King Gol D. Roger. The only known man to have reached Raftel (and probably the man who has the highest bounty of the history).


The vice admiral (because he refused several times to be promoted as…

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Zoro and Kinemon The Samurai!

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I still have my nakama!!!

Happy Birthday Monkey D. Luffy!

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this scene is amazing :)

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Moving On: This Hat Knows It All

happy belated Mugiwara Day (May 15th)

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Luffy-sensei and the little straw hats
Original by kurokoma: [here]

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They always get beaten by Nami.

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